Data-Driven Product Management

We're a tool for SAAS Product Owners that reconciles feature requests with customer subscription data. Eliminate the guesswork, automate your product backlog and deliver features that deliver value.

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View Feature Value

Instantly see a features potential value and KPIs. Use data to drive decision making and prioritisation.

Autoplan Your Sprints

Use Autoplan to immediately create a sprint based upon the highest value features.

Designed for SAAS

We're a reporting tools for product owners explicitly designed for SAAS applications.

Instant Setup

Super simple 3 step click-and-connect setup process with zero coding required.

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Software for SAAS Product Owners is a tool for SAAS Product Owners that helps you decide what features and enhancements to prioritise based upon the value to your business.

View your backlog, sorted by value

Immediately see all features and enhancements requested by your customers sorted by value. Remove the guesswork from planning and prioritisation - use data.

SAAS Product Owner Software -
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Put sprint planning on autopilot

T-Shirt size a feature in and immediately enjoy the benefits of Autoplan.

See what a feature is worth

Our feature tile instantly shows you the potential value of a feature. Use this data to make informed decisions on prioritisation and determining return on investment.

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Monthly Recurring Revenue Analysis

At a glance insights of a feature requests potential impact on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) with predicated additional MRR, MRR churn reduction & MRR growth.

Trialist Conversion Rate Impact

By analysing lapsed free trialists who voted for a feature request we calculate the potential increase in your businesses trial conversion rate.

Feature KPIs

Immediate insights into exactly the number and proportion of customers who requested a feature and their subscription status.

Subscriber Growth Modelling

By computing the lapsed trialists and cancelled users who voted for a feature request, we estimate the effect that developing the feature could have on subscriber growth.

Return on Investment Prediction

Using your estimation for development cost combined with our MRR analysis from your data, we calculate the potential return on investment developing a feature could deliver.

Attributable or Extrapolated Calculations

Display calculations based upon those that have requested & voted for features only (attributable), or use that as a model across your entire customer base (extrapolated).

Integrations Galore

Seamless, magical integrations into your existing tools and applications. Simply click and connect your feature request manager and customer billing & subscription solution - we'll handle the rest.

Capture customer feature requests & votes with any one of our supported integrations –,, Uservoice & ProdPad. SAAS Product Owner Software -
Uservoice SAAS Product Owner Software -
ProdPad SAAS Product Owner Software - SAAS Product Owner Software -

Instantly integrate your customer billing and subscription solution including Stripe, Chargebee, Chargify & Recurly.

Stripe SAAS Product Owner Software -
Chargify SAAS Product Owner Software -
Chargebee SAAS Product Owner Software -
Recurly SAAS Product Owner Software -

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you launch publicly?

We're still in development at the moment and are rolling out to a small number of users at a time. To be the first to know when we launch (or to help in testing!) become an early adopter.

How does work?

Very simply - we take your feature requester & voters email address and do a join to your customer subscription profiles. Using this, we can perform attributable and extrapolated calculations.

Can I see the calculations?

Of course. We believe in complete transparency with our calculations. Simply click 'Show Calculations' on any feature tile to see exactly how the figures displayed were calculated.

Who is for?

Our primary target is SAAS Product Owners and startup entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help you deliver the right features in the right order and be successful as possible as quickly as possible.

Can you make changes to my data?

No. is only a reporting tool and cannot post any changes or updates to your customer subscription/billing solution or feature management software.

When will pricing be announced?

Pricing is still yet TBC however we're determined to make it highly affordable to our target market of SAAS startups. Early adopters will receive special pricing benefits.

Will you offer any other integrations?

Our first focus is to deliver a REST API allowing you to consume and inject data from any of your own sources, followed by further integrations dependant on demand.

Are your GDPR compliant?

Absolutely. In addition to hosting your data securely, you are free to delete all data we hold pertaining to an individual customer, or all stored with us at any point.

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